Take a break. Dedicate some time to a good book and turning its pages in the calm shade. A book, read in nature, has become a forgotten pleasure! It is therefore making an all the more flashy come-back, inviting you to pledge your allegiance to it. Reading a book in nature may be no shiny, adventurous endeavour, however, its truly relaxing charm provides us with an authentic enjoyment.

The Library under the Treetops has been designed as a handy collection of possible reading. Among the selected books, newspapers and magazines, you will find representations of all book genres and many formats, above all those that seem suitable for a calm environment of carefully selected urban spots. The main role is reserved for novelties offering an insight into the most fresh book production. The Library under the Treetops collaborates with a series of publishing houses, so it is able to showcase a number of fresh titles. Another menu special consists of several domestic as well as foreign newspapers and magazines.